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Woodstock Show in days in three days
by Otto D'Ambrosio on October 18th, 2011
I hate rushing a instrument for a show, but sometimes it's worth it. Three days to the Woodstock Invitational, the last show of the season, it will be great. This year so many friends and family have already made plans to attend the event. Looking for the last mild/sunny weekend of Fall to fill the Bearsville Theater both days with guitars and music lovers. Hope to see you there.
Band saw upgrade
by Otto D'Ambrosio on October 14th, 2011
Due to a rather grey October week I thought it would be good to work over of a couple machines, new blades on the the jointer, planer and something I have put off for years. Resurfacing of the Band saw table. This was Blanchett cut, the Blanchett cutter, what a awesome tool. It was bigger than my truck and don't stand over there you might get hurt. This was the real reason why I moved to Rhode Island. These highly skilled mill shops still work here, there still working, We're still working.
About half way there, It looks brand new, shinny and flat.
Bucky Pizzarelli
by Otto D'Ambrosio on October 12th, 2011
Bucky was so good to see. He is 85 years old and still playing his heart out. Spoke with him a bit, what a guy.
by Otto D'Ambrosio on October 08th, 2011
Over the years I have come across so many great archtop builders, living to long past. There is one master craftsmen that is some-what haunting to me because so few works circulate. When instruments need maintenance and if they come through my shop I enjoy learning about the builder through their work. I'm eager to start working on this one and getting to know John Zeidler a little better.
The RISD cnc mill
by Otto D'Ambrosio on October 08th, 2011
I have two new guests to the shop, Two RISD professors of furniture. We are going to build some archtop guitars together. The first steps for making any acoustic is to make a mold (the frame that the guitar box is constructed) Here is a quick look on how we did it with the schools help. This first day I vacuum pressed two 1 inch pieces of baltic birch together. This is the tool path of what we are going cut, This file was first draw in Rhino by my good friend Ben (thank you Ben for your excellent skills) Once drawn the file is imported to a proprietary cad/cam program which spits out coordinates.
Tool path for cnc
Then comes the Fun Part. Then we sent the coordinates file to the cnc computer and let it run. The cnc milling was so cool to watch. Take a look at at how quick it ran. Mold cutting at RISD
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